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Carrie Rupprecht

What was it like to be a medical student in Lafayette? Tour the Life of Sarah during her second year of medical school. Or Tour the Life of other medical students on the Tour the Life blogs. You will read insider info -- from MCAT tips to military rotations.

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Sound Medicine
A Diary Of Deaths Reminds Doctor Of Life
October 25th
Doctors rarely talk about death.Mostly it's because we're in the business of trying to help people prolong their lives, which almost always makes death an unwelcome topic of discussion.Too often, death is seen as failure, though it shouldn't be. Death is …


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IUSM Newsroom

IU McKinney's public forum about Ebola, law and public health viewable live online
October 24th
Indiana University investing $7 million for new complexity institute
October 23rd
CHIC seeks to improve patient outcomes while preventing overuse of health care services
October 23rd