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What was it like to be a medical student in Lafayette? Tour the Life of Sarah during her second year of medical school. Or Tour the Life of other medical students on the Tour the Life blogs. You will read insider info -- from MCAT tips to military rotations.

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Sound Medicine
Study: Kids In Orphanages Can Do As Well As Those In Foster Care
August 29th
"Please, sir, I want some more," Oliver Twist famously asked in the food line at an orphanage.Instead he got a blow to the head with a ladle.In the real world, conditions at orphanages can be even bleaker. Back in the 1990s, media coverage of Romanian orp…


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IUSM Newsroom

Research and patients see quick benefits from novel IU School of Medicine-IU Health collaboration
August 27th
National Cancer Institute names IU Simon Cancer Center one of 30 sites in the new National Clinical Trials Network
August 26th
Proton Therapy Center and Cyclotron facilities in Bloomington to close by January 1, 2015
August 22nd